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My article asking if Fine Art has a problem with disability is in Wishbone Words: Issue 9!

Wishbone Words is an online creative writing magazine for chronically ill and disabled writers and artists - and this lucky artist had a creative writing piece published in Issue 9!

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this news! The editor at Wishbone Words included my article about disability in the January 2023 issue 9!

This article is titled "Does Fine Art have a problem with disability?" which expresses my opinions and experiences as a disabled artist trying to navigate the Fine Art world.

Why did I need to write an article asking if Fine Art has a problem with disability? I am Autistic and have language processing difficulties that significantly affect how I understand words. I am also Dyslexic and think all in images, so overall, anything I write is a massive achievement for me. This is why I became an artist, it is my best form of communication.

Sadly, I have found that my disabilities make navigating the Fine Art world incredibly difficult. To date, I have not come across a disabled artist collective, and the many workshops or events created locally for artists are for abled artists only. If some reasonable adjustments or considerations were made by art galleries, academics and fellow artists - it would make Fine Art more accessible for both professional artists and audiences!

If you'd like to read my article, you can purchase a copy of Issue 9 for just £3.00 at the Wishbone Words website. Flick through the magazine until you reach page 154, and enjoy.

There are plenty of other works within the magazine by talented artists and writers, making this your perfect read for a rainy Sunday morning cosy by the fire.

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