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TAE22 - Twitter Art Exhibition 22, York, United Kingdom

I am pleased to announce that I am participating in this year's Twitter Art Exhibition. This year the exhibition will be displayed in York (UK) alongside other amazingly talented artists.

ink painting of an elephant on red watercolor paint
An Elephant Never Forgets, 2022, by Kay Nyx

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this news! I am participating in this year's TAE (Twitter Art Exhibition) on 25th - 26th June 2022 in York (UK) alongside other amazingly talented artists worldwide.

TAE is an exhibition that raises money for charities around the world. This year they are asking artists to create postcard-sized artworks to raise money for The Encephalitis Society.

The theme each year is open, as is the medium used. I decided to create a semi-political piece about animal welfare and sentience.

About the Artwork

Elephants are brilliant animals still hunted to this day for their ivory or because they destroyed some crops. I wanted to capture the moment an elephant is traumatised from being tracked by humans, and these social animals remember the damage done to their family members.

I painted the surface of the Fabriano Watercolour Cold Pressed (NOT) 280gsm surface with white acrylic to mimic the text of elephant skin. I then applied a red watercolour to represent blood and trauma. I used watercolour for this as I wanted a medium that was soft and gentle, the opposite of what the elephant is seeing and experiencing from humans. Over the top of this, I used black Winsor and Newton ink with a round brush, layering lines to create a richly textured elephant to replicate the depth of the elephants' intelligence.

This artwork is no longer available to purchase.

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