Social HIT

In the early evening - it rises,
Scratching at the earth.
Making Mother fear the quizes,
Whilst it tries to verify it's birth.

Fracking all reality, throwing out the truth,
Machines grinding, adding to the plot.
This contra-dectective sleuth,
Is ticking boxes, eliminating all we've got.

Annihilation, that's the crisis.
Insanely marching towards deaths kiss.
Leave it to it's own devices,
Who is going to pay these prices?

You salute the flag of s**t,
Grinning proudly, it's got the bit.
Throwing hails - encouraging it!
Gather around the genocide pit.

Our forces organise a counter-blow,
Tipping your society down below,
But you can stop it.
You can grow.

Don't let your gravestone record the lies,
Don't let equality, justice and truth die.

It's social, don't you know